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Unit 1: Life CyCLe

                  Revision 1
                 SECTION A

                 1.      (4)      Beetle, butterfly and mosquito have a 4-stage life cycle.

                 2.      (2)      In the life cycle of a cockroach, the young resembles the adult.

                 3.      (2)      The nymph is much smaller than the adult. Both the nymph and the adult feed on
                                  food continuously.

                 4.      (4)      The nymph of a grasshopper also looks similar to the adult.

                 5.      (2)      Only the insects with a 4-stage life cycle have the pupal stage, for example beetle
                                  or mosquito.

                 SECTION B
                 6.    (a)   X

                            [X is 18 days and Y is 20 days.]
                      (b)   (i)   The adult stage
                            (ii)   It has wings that enable it to fly away easily.
                      (c)   Beetle / Butterfly

                 7.   (a)   Both animals have an egg stage in their life cycles. /
                            Both animals have a 3-stage life cycle.

                      (b)   The young of animal X does not have legs but the young of animal Y has legs. /
                            The young of animal X does not look like the adult but the young of animal Y looks like
                            the adult. [Any one]

                 8.   (a)   At the stage of larva
                      (b)   They will moult.

                      (c)   Both animals will stop feeding.

                  Revision 2

                 SECTION A

                 1.      (2)      The life cycle shows 4 stages. The other animal which has a 4-stage life cycle is
                                  mosquito.                                                                  Answer Key | Unit 1 | Revision 2

                 2.      (3)      The pupa does not feed on food or move. It is a resting period for the development
                                  of the young into an adult.

                 3.      (1)      8 days (larva) + 6 days (pupa) = 14 days

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