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UNIT 1 : Revision 1
                 SECTION A

                 1       (2)      •   A mango tree is a flowering plant while moss is a non-flowering plant.
                                  •   Mushrooms are fungi.
                                  •   Bacteria are microorganisms.

                 2       (4)      Only birds have feathers.

                 3       (3)      •   Fungi are not plants, so they do not have chloroplasts to make their own food.
                                  •   Some fungi are microorganisms such as yeast.

                 4       (4)      Organisms X show all the characteristics of living things.
                 5       (1)      •   Amphibians reproduce by laying eggs.
                                  •   Reptiles breathe through their lungs.
                 SECTION B

                 1    (a)   The presence of water / moisture
                      (b)   By placing the bag in a brightly-lit and sunny place, moisture / water can gain heat easily to
                            evaporate quickly. As a result, mould will not be able to grow when the bag remains dry.

                      (c)   As wax is waterproof, it prevents water from passing through it to reach the bag. Therefore, the
                            bag will remain dry for a longer period of time.

                 2    (a)   (i)   Bacteria
                            (ii)  Fungi
                      (b)   The available of food and water

                 3    (a)   Amphibian


                            Amphibians can live on land and/or in water. They breathe through their lungs on land and breathe through their skin
                            / gills in water.
                      (b)   P:  Cannot breathe in water

                            Q: Can breathe in water

                 4    (a)    Question P  Does it make its own food?                                          Unit 1 | Revision 1

                             Organism Q  Fern / Moss

                      (b)   They reproduce by spores.

                            In ferns, the spores grow inside casings. The spore cases are usually found on the underside of a leaf.

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